TVI Valves
Custom Valve Solutions
  • Slide Gate Valves

    • Can be used narrow places
    • Easy install
    • Cheap price
    • Possible to be used automatic valves

  • Ash/Air Intake Gate Valves

    • Easy to change fluid media
    • Up and down working
    • Possible to attach pneumatic
    • Easy to use

  • 3-Way T-Type Diverter Ball Valve
  • Adjustable Orifice Gate Valves

    Valve used to adjust amount of fluid transfer at coal thermal power generation sites and cement factories.

  • Swing Gate Valves

    Background of Development

    We develop so that it can secure with the problem generation KNIFE GATE VALVE used in the coal for thermal power plant differentiator pipe line becomes bigger due to the generation capacity increase.

    Limitation (safety) of operator transit as valve becomes longer
    The ambient space security difficulty with the valve enlarging