TVI Valves
Custom Valve Solutions
Valve used to adjust amount of fluid transfer at coal thermal power generation sites and cement factories.
Unit of Measure



N/A Donghae


N/A Cement Powder Chip Pulverized Coal Sand

Industry Standard

N/A American Water Works Association (AWWA) Certification

Design Features

Design Features

  • Designed to be appropriate to the fluid line such as pulverized coal, cement, sand, and powder chip
  • Designed to adjust fluid flow and unbalance of Adjustable Orifice valve
  • Body and box are manufactured with pipe making & welding
  • Gate is the metal plate and its surface is designed to maintain the surface life for long through Ceramics Coating
  • Operates with a handle, and when operating a handle, it moves internal stem forward/backward to operate the gate in the scissors form
  • Available to operate with a small handle as the Gate Slide operates fluently (available for motor control)
  • Adjustable range of the gate is designed to open 100% as opening from 50% ~ 70% (follows the specification)
  • Available to check and control the gate movement range by attaching a graduated ruler to the bracket
  • When operating the gate after drive, attach the plug to remove the impurities within the valve