TVI Valves
Custom Valve Solutions
Background of Development

We develop so that it can secure with the problem generation KNIFE GATE VALVE used in the coal for thermal power plant differentiator pipe line becomes bigger due to the generation capacity increase.

Limitation (safety) of operator transit as valve becomes longer
The ambient space security difficulty with the valve enlarging
Unit of Measure



N/A Donghae


N/A Cement Factory Thermal Power Plant

Additional Information

N/A The problem generation including the valve ability, lifetime, and etc.
Coal water leakage danger
On operation risk due to the disk extrusion which is dangerousness of the valve, and valve lifetime reduction

Industry Standard

N/A American Water Works Association (AWWA) Certification



  • The space usage is enough as cylindrical type.
  • No leakage dangerous as disc moving inside.
  • The operator safety guarantee.